Pure Paws H2O Shampoo 16oz

76063 Pure Paws H2O Shampoo 16oz

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Pure Paws H2O Shampoo 16ozPure Paws H2O Shampoo 16oz
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H2O shampoo is perfectly blended to clean the coat while adding in the extra moisture needed on dry, over-processed coats. After using this product, previously dry coats will feel incredibly moisturised, without becoming limp or lifeless. Natural fatty acids and oils nourish the skin and leave the coat weightless. Contains Passion Flower Extract to nourish the skin and coat with fatty acids. This promotes skin rejuvenation to grow a healthy, beautiful strong coat and leaves a naturally clean scent. Aloe Vera rehydrates skin to a natural healthy shine. Penetrating deep into skin pores, promoting cell regeneration and leaving the coat shiny and smooth. Improves elasticity and prevents breakage, strengthening the outer layer of the hair (known as the cuticle) giving the shaft a shiny reflective uniform appearance. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which serve as a natural moistuiser and help to prevent coat breakage. Rich in protein and various nutrients that nourish the skin and restores healthy hair roots. Coconut Water decreases excessive oils on the skin surface. Penetrates deeply to moisturise, contains anti oxidants which work beneath the skin to boost the health and sheen of the hair shafts. 473ml (16oz) Dilute the shampoo 10:1

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