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Untangler Rotating Teeth Comb Small

Untangler Rotating Teeth Comb Small

Untangler Comb  groomer II combination, long pin

Untangler Comb groomer II combination, long pin

Untangler rotating teeth comb large

81151 Untangler rotating teeth comb large
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Plastic backed comb without handle

Large - 7" (16cm) Professional Groomer Comb is preferred comb by Breeders and Groomers

360° Rotating Stainless-Steel gently glide through fur untangling thick mats and tangles without pulling on the animal's undercoat.

The continuous massaging action of rotating teeth stimulate the natural oils in the animal’s skin resulting in a natural shiny and healthy coat.

Loose hair is easily removed and captured in the rotating teeth.

Solid grip, easy to hold


Raewyn Mullan Braemist - Breeder of Rough Collies, New Zealand

"I have successfully bred and shown Rough Collies in New Zealand for over 30 years under the Braemist prefix. I have bred and campaigned scores of dogs to their Championships titles, countless Groups, In Show awards and many Best in Show awards.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Untangler Combs. My favorite of the Untanger combs for long coated dogs is the Professional Groomer II comb with 1 ¼ “ teeth. Also the Untangler Rakes which are fantastic when the dogs are shedding coat.

The Untangler Pro II Comb easily detangles the heavy thick coat of the Rough Collie painlessly and helps to prevent breakage when detangling mats. I have been importing The Untangler Products to New Zealand for many years (as sadly they are not available here) and can honestly say I could not do without these in my grooming bag."

Raewyn Mullan Braemist- July 28, 2018

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