Quistel Ear Cleaner 50ml

93731 Quistel Karisto Ear Cleaner 50ml
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Quistel Ear Cleaner 50ml Quistel Ear Cleaner 50ml
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Made from a Victorian recipe which includes Gentian Violet and Boric Acid, Quistel Soothing Ear Cleaner is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial solution that clears mites and inflamed ears. It is especially effective on tiny ear canals but is also regularly used on animals as large as horses! Dogs and cats with inflamed and red ears will benefit from this cleaner. Warm the bottle in a cup of warm water for about 5 minutes and then shake vigorously before each application. Insert nozzle into ear canal and squeeze container until the ear canal is flooded with the solution. Gently massage around the ear for 30 to 50 seconds and then allow the pet to shake its head which will loosen the earwax. Initially administer twice a day for up to 2 weeks depending on the severity of the condition.

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