Solo Comb MK III

Solo Comb MK III

Deluxe Electric Height Adjustable Bath

77104 Deluxe Electric Height Adjustable Bath
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Stong and durable and has been developed in working salons to ensure it provides any groomer with the best tool for the job. The bath has the versatility to accommodate most breeds of dog and comes with aluminium non slip table top and zinc plated H frame so the bath can be converted into a non slip grooming table - perfect for groomers with limited space!

Can lift up to 13 stone, 1 year guarantee, powder coated steel for protection against water

130cm long x 66cm wide x 33cm deep

Lowest height 58cm Highest height 122cm

British Made.

Please note: The image used is for representational purposes only, standard colour for the bath frame is black.The bath does not come with a plughole as standard, but this can be added at no extra cost, please specifiy when ordering.