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Gizmo Power Blaster

Gizmo Power Blaster

91399 Double K 560 Cage Dryer Air Intake Filter #10005

91399 Double K 560 Cage Dryer Air Intake Filter #10005

Dezynadog Automatic Dog Dryer

Approx. dimensions Height: 1100mm - Depth: 710mm - Length: 1140mm.

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This machine is the most labour saving, economical drying method on the market; no busy commercial dog groomer should be without one. This model is derived from the original commercial cabin style, salon dryer, with an easy clean, smart and practical fiberglass casing.

The dryer is thermostatically controlled to a safe and comfortable temperature with good airflow to dry dogs to an excellent finish. Tried and trusted by professional groomers for 35 years, making this product a real salon favourite. Saves time, as you can dry more than one dog at a time.

Groomers love it & dogs love it! This environmentally friendly machine runs at only 400w and is a safe, fast, reliable and efficient method of salon drying with a sterling reputation, making it the leader in the market place.

Dimensions: 1100mm H x 710mm D x 1140mm L.

Economical to use, saves time and electricity without compromising quality. An environmentally friendly machine to have to dry dogs in quantity. Capable of doubling your output and halving your electricity consumption. Thermostatically controlled to safe working temperature. Features: a removable partition, easy moving castors with locks, visual temperature display and easy to clean one piece fibreglass moulded casing. Available in a range of colours.