Osmonds Gut-Rite

Osmonds Gut-Rite

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Osmonds Canine Gut-Rite 100g £5.90
Osmonds Canine Gut-Rite 250g £10.90
Osmonds Canine Gut-Rite 500g £19.90
Osmonds Canine Gut-Rite 750g £24.50
Osmonds Canine Gut-Rite 1.5Kg £44.50
Osmonds Gut-RiteOsmonds Gut-Rite
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An all natural fast working Bio-Probiotic supplement for animals under digestive stress or other bacterial problems. Contains Vetoxan, electrolytes, Vitamins and Minerals. Can be used for loss of appetite, convalescing, travelling, stresses, etc.

Manufactured and sold by Osmonds for many years for dogs, livestock and other animals - tried and tested!


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