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Nylabone Twin Pack Ring Bone Textured Chicken Medium

Macpaws Pick Pocket Pouch - Red

Macpaws Pick Pocket Pouch - Red

Macpaws Pick Pocket Pouch - Black

77081 Pick Pocket Pouch Black
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Introducing the ultimate accessory for rope, webbing or leather leads.

 The Pick Pocket Pouch adds a pocket and poo bag dispenser to any lead. Forget those clunky bag dispensers that bounce all over the place - a universal-fit rear attachment sleeve keeps the Pick Pocket Pouch in place, no matter how excited your dog is to be out for a walk. There is an elastic loop at the bottom that can easily hold the knotted end of your used poo bag, so no need to carry it around until you find the bin. The elastic loop also lets you also attach a carabiner or safety light.

Available in 2 colours. Responsible dog ownership has never been so easy, or looked so good !

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