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Solo Comb Replacement Blades

Solo Comb Replacement Blades

PetMate Pet Steps II

71561 PetMate Pet Steps II
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Pet Steps™ allow your pet to reach new heights. Holding up to 70 lbs, they are perfect for cats or small dogs that need a little assistance jumping on the sofa, chair or bed. Weighing three pounds, Pet Steps are easy to move, feature strong one-piece construction, and have non-scuff rubber feet, making them safe for your floors. Decorative fabric treads create a non-slip surface for pets, and fashionable touch to any décor. Fits most sofas and beds.

These pet steps are a must for all small dogs or older dogs suffering with immobility. Consisting of 4 steps they measure 23.2″ X 16.1″ X 20″ (59 x 41 x 51cm) and weight 2kg.


These super light stong pet steps help you pet get to their favourite places. They are designed to assist access to most sofas and beds. They can also be used to help your dog into and out of your car or caravan. Moulded in brown plastic these steps are styled with patterned fabric inserts on each step.

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