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Red Mills Racer Dry Dog Food - 15kg

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Red Mills Racer Plus Complete Dog Food - 15kg

Red Mills nutritionally balanced feeds result in racing greyhounds having stronger bones, muscles and ligaments - maximising performance and minimising schooling and early racing career injuries.

Designed to meet the needs of pups, saplings, stud dogs, brood bitches and racing dogs in training and has contributed to the success of numerous winners.

Key Benefits

  • Complete racing diet Protein 27%
  • Increased meat content for increased digestibility
  • Rich in omega 3 & 6 Chicory fibre for enhanced digestion & optimal gut health
  • Vat Free

Feeding Guide

Red Mills Racer Plus is a complete racing diet and requires only the addition of water.

Feed 16gms of Red Mills Racer Plus per kg. bodyweight (0.25oz per lb. bodyweight).

For example, a 32kg (70lb) dog requires 512gms (17.5oz) per day.