Tuffy Turkey

Tuffy Turkey
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Tuffy TurkeyTuffy Turkey
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Designed to be the World's Most Durable Soft Dog Toys and built to last!  Tuffy Barnyard toys are washable, they float and yet still remain extremely durable.  Up to 3 layers of material are sewn together with up to 2 rows of linear stitching and up to two rows of cross stiching.  This toy will be your dog's best friend and companion for hours of fun and enjoyment.

The first layer of this Turkey is soft fleece, underneath the second layer is made of industrial grade luggage material followed by a third layer of plastic coating.

The Turkey is rated 7 on the Tuff-Scale, making him a really tough toy, but still vulnerable so don't allow your pet to play with him unsupervised - he's designed as a play toy, not a bone!

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