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Ring 5 Choke Chain12" with red nylon webbing

Gencon Retrieving Roll

70412 Gencon Retrieving Roll
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Gencon Retrieving Roll

The Gencon Retrieving Roll is a great way to introduce canvas at a young age but also a great item for them to grow up with and use as they age.

An excellent starting point for training your dog to eventually pick up more unusual objects.

As a remedial aid, the Retrieving Roll should be part of every trainer’s kit. There is a small pouch tucked away inside the roll; this is where you hide a treat, your dog will learn quickly that the only way of getting the treat inside of the roll is to collect it and bring it back to you.

The Gencon Retrieving Roll was even shortlisted as a ‘New Gundog Product’ at The Shooting Industry Awards.

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