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Pure Paws Colloidal Silver 4oz

Pure Paws Colloidal Silver 4oz

Yumega Itchy Dog

Yumega Itchy Dog

Quistel Bio-restoring Lotion Spray

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Spray lotion was specifically developed for topical application for itching and other skin irritations which may be threatening to become chronic conditions.

This then eliminates excessive bathing or washing which may otherwise be required.

Sparying onto bedding will help elliminate odours whilst disinfecting naturally.

Can be used at any time on any areas of the dog's skin or coat that maybe causing concern.

The main pro-active ingredient of the Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Grooming Therapy range is Arnica Montana which has been used for centuries to treat skin disorders. Other major ingredients include Vitamins and Minerals obtained from plant extracts, natually occuring disinfectants from Magnesium Chloride, daisy extract, pansy extract and chamomile, and water.

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