Show Tech Handy Hose Holder

Show Tech Handy Hose Holder

Single Arm Standard Control Post - Chrome Finish.

Single Arm Standard Control Post - Chrome Finish.

Show Tech Folding Control Post

Show Tech Folding Control Post length 30.5cm x width 66cm

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Are you in search of a convenient tool to facilitate grooming your dog with ease and safety on a grooming table? Look no further than this foldable stainless-steel control post, designed to be the perfect assistant for your grooming needs.

Compact and Lightweight Its compact and lightweight design makes it particularly valuable for grooming small to medium-sized dogs that are calm, trained, and obedient. It features a relatively short horizontal arm to which you can securely attach a grooming noose in two different spots.

Attaching the grooming frame to your table is a simple task - just turn the screw knob at the bottom until the control post is securely in place.

If you plan on attending shows with your furry companion, this table accessory is essential. The horizontal part can be completely folded, making storage and transportation incredibly convenient.

Key Features - Single control post with attachment system for two grooming nooses - Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs and cats - Ideal for shows, traveling, or being on the road - Foldable and easy to store -

Frame material: stainless steel - Clamping plate material: metal - Cleaning instructions: The control post can be cleaned with a clean cloth. Occasional use of a disinfectant is permissible, but it's important to thoroughly wipe it down after use to prevent rust.

Dimensions - Height: 66.5 cm - Length of horizontal arm: 30.5 cm - Width of square tubes: 2 cm - Distance between horizontal openings (to attach grooming nooses): 19 cm - Length and width of one hole: 2.3 cm - 8 mm - Distance between two adjacent holes: 4 mm - Diameter of clamping plate: 7 cm - Weight: 1.8 kg -

Can be mounted on a tabletop with a maximum thickness of 7 cm and a minimum length of 37 cm - Includes 1 grooming noose It is important to note that dogs should never be left unattended on a grooming table. Please note that all measurements are approximate.