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Osmonds Kennel Clean

Osmonds Kennel Clean

Osmonds Sanitising Alcohol Hand Gel

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Osmonds Hand Sanitising Alcohol Gel

Osmonds Sanistising Alcohol Hand Gel is quick acting & effective skin cleanser that rapidly evaporates without leaving any residue or odour. 70% alcohol content for killing 99.9% of bacteria. Effective defense against the spread of Corona Virus & Flu.

Suitable for using during food preparation, production, serving & in non-surgical patient care establishments.

Conforms to: European Standard BS EN 1276

             European Standard BS EN 1500

Contains: 70% Alcohol, 0.2% Cosmetic Thickener, 1% Emollient & water.

Available in 2.5L & 5L Refill bottles making them economical & more environmentally friendly to use. 

5L Refill container includes pump.


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