Challengair 2000

Double K Challengair 2000 AD - Animal Dryer

Fransen Hand Held Dryer Turbo 1500 (1300W)

Fransen Hand Held Dryer Turbo 1500 (1300W)

Double K Challengair AIRMAX - Dryer/Blaster

91349 Double K Challengair AIRMAX - dryer/blaster
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Two Powerful Motors - 133 cubic feet per minute per motor = 266 cubic feet per minute total! Produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining (less ridges inside the hose), reducing resistance when air travels through the hose, thereby increasing the air volume. Twist on nozzles - All nozzles twist-on to the hoses to prevent "pop-off" that can occur with other forced air dryers. Includes 3 versatile attachments for any drying need - Comes with the unique "air sweep nozzle" for pushing water from the animal's coat! Crushproof heat resistant hose. Two speeds and two temperatures. More durable - The housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack as metal housings can. It will retain its beauty much longer than metal dryers. Less expensive than comparable dryers, offering you better value. Two year limited warranty. Wall mounting available separately - Code No 91459 (Part No 2194).

Please note that Double K have now discontinued the blue coloured housing on dryers due to production difficulties with colour consistency.