Osmonds Instant Strike Natural Repellent Spray

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Osmonds Instant Strike Natural Repellent Spray

Osmond's well-known & reliable natural insect repellent, Instant Strike, is now available in a ready-to-use spray! 

Helps keep the Flyz Off! 

Both convenient & effective, Osmonds Instant Strike is a natural product, formulated using insect repelling oils & plant extracts to assist in maintaining freedom from pesky flies & other insects, in all species of animals & birds.

Simply spray over your pet/animal generously, avoiding the eyes, mouth & other sensitive areas, then let Osmonds Instant Strike do the rest! 

Used for generations by farmers & livestock owners, along with horse owners as an essential fly repellent. 

Perfect for use on dogs & cats, through to cattle & sheep. 

Available in 500ml & 1 litre ready-to-use spray bottles.