Dogmatic Padded Cushioned Webbing Training Lead

Dogmatic Leather Lead - Full Non Slip

Dogmatic Leather Lead - Full Non Slip

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Quiet Dog
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The gentle shush!  Calms the urge to bark! Non restrictive, NOT a muzzle - can help with whining, jumping, destructive chewing, digging, scratching.

The Quiet Dog's patented design uses two techniques : acupressure and maintained pressure to gently relieve and humanely stop problem barking.  Can also help to stop destructive digging and/or scratching and can prepare your dog to wear a head halter.  Full instructions included.

Use with the Anxiety Wrap for a greater calming effect.

Five sizes to fit dogs from 1 - 150lbs

Size 1 Weight 1 - 12lbs/0.5 - 5.5Kg

Size 2 Weight 12 - 24lbs/5.5 - 11Kg

Size 3 Weight 24-49lbs/11 - 22Kg

Size 4 Weight 49-90lbs/22-41 Kg

Size 5 Over 91lbs/41Kg