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All Systems Pure White Lightening Shampoo

All Systems Pure White Lightening Shampoo

Bio-Groom Groom N Fresh Shampoo

Bio-Groom Groom N Fresh Shampoo

Quistel Organic Bio-restoring Dog Shampoo

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Specifically formulated for canine skin, the unique properties ensure that the skin and coat are lustrously clean and healthy and smell wonderful too!

Quistels dog shampoo will help to maintain healthy skin and coat naturally. it will disinfect andreduce flaking and may be a therpeutic aid to the elimination of chronic itching and other irritations.

It will stimulate natural coat rejuvenation on bald or "hot" spots and promote the natural growth of thick, healthy and shining coats.

The main pro-active ingredient of the Quistel Organic Bio-Restoring Grooming Therapy range is Arnica Montana which has been used for centuries to treat skin disorders.

Other major ingredients include Vitamins and Minerals obtained from plant extracts, natually occuring disinfectants from Magnesium Chloride, daisy extract, pansy extract and chamomile, and water.

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