WAHL Hairdryer 1800w with Stand

WAHL Hairdryer 1800w with Stand

Aeolus Nebula

Aeolus TD-941T Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

Aeolus TD-901T Cyclone Dog Blaster Dryer

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The new Aeolus Cyclone TD901T blaster dryer is a powerful single motor blaster dryer that outperforms other dryers on the market. It has a blow force of 605 grams, which is a 45% increase, and a wind speed of 60m/s, a 40% increase. The TD901T has a longer lifespan of up to 2400 hours, a 30% increase compared to the previous model. It also offers energy savings, outperforming a 1600 watt dryer with its 1200 watt motor.

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