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Aeolus TD-941T Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

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The new TD-941T Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer from Aeolus is the next generation of blaster dryers and offers several unique features that make it one of the most advanced on the market. One of these features is the new heat retention sleeves and ultra-low temperature nozzles. These sleeves are designed to keep the hoses cool to the touch, ensuring safe operation for groomers. The ultra-low temperature nozzle has a special double-layer suction structure that allows for accelerated cooling without significant temperature rise. This helps to keep the nozzle's temperature around half of what other blaster dryers on the market reach. Additionally, the dryer offers controllable heating and wind speed with fully adjustable air flow and heat settings. With these features, the TD-941T Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer provides groomers with a safe and efficient drying experience.