Solo Comb MK III

Solo Comb MK III

Metro Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer

Metro Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer
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Whether grooming is your career or a way to bond with your pet, now you can style in style!

Choose from pink, purple, green, blue or the original orange color.

  • Lightweight yet so powerful you will forget it's portable.
  • A floor/table pet dryer with two speed control allows you to groom large or small breeds.
  • Powerful enough for drying heavy coated breeds.
  • Ideal for the grooming professional or pet owner.
  • Two Speed control units are great for all dogs big and small long haired and short and those pets sensitive to noise level.

Powerful motor cuts drying time by up to 75%. Rugged, all-steel construction designed for years of hard, professional use.