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Waterproof Print Mat

Waterproof Print Mat

Berber Fleece Crate Mat Moss

Berber Fleece Crate Mat Moss

Animal Instincts Comfort Crates

Animal Instincts Comfort Crates

Please note that sizes are Width x Depth x Height

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AI Crate 123 x 76 x 83cm SIZE 5
AI Crate 48x31x38cm SIZE 0
AI Crate 61x44x51cm SIZE 1
AI Crate 77x48x55cm SIZE 2
AI Crate 92x58x65cm SIZE 3
AI Crate 109x71x78cm SIZE 4

A fold away, easy to assemble and store crate that can be used for Travel, leaving dogs home alone, training, providing a safe place, recovery. Please note crate is black. Various sizes available.

Please note that sizes are Width x Depth x Height

 Key features & benefits


- Fold up - Easy to assemble - Easy to store
- Moulded soft rubber handle - Comfortable to carry
- Zinc coated steel construction
- Will not rust
- Can be used inside and outside
- Can’t be chewed by animal
- Attractive silver finish
- Lockable front and side doors – safe / Easy access
- Removable tray that slides out – makes cleaning easy
- Range of 5 sizes to suit all breeds


Use for:



- Safe way to transport dog
- Dog can’t get loose or interfere with driving


Peace of mind when leaving the dog home alone

- Nothing can be soiled or destroyed
- Dog is comfortable and safe



- House train pet more quickly
- Dogs naturally avoid soiling their own den
- Motivate them to wait until they are taken outside



- Provides security and privacy
- Somewhere to retreat when tired or stressed
- Designated area for play
- Somewhere to put the dog when you have visitors

Please note: 

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