Pure Paws Colloidal Silver 4oz

76041 Pure Paws Colloidal Silver 4 oz
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Pure Paws Colloidal Silver 4ozPure Paws Colloidal Silver 4oz
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Works by disabling the enzyme that metabolises oxygen in bacteria, viruses and fungi. When these toxins are deprived of oxygen, they suffocate and die. Colloidal Silver only has this effect on pathogenic cells, leaving healthy cells alone. It is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, and antifungal. Bacteria that has become immune to antibiotics has no immunity to colloidal silver which is easily absorbed by the body. The silver particles are suspended and made so tiny that they can pass through skin membranes. Kills over 650 bacteria, fungi, parasites and moulds that have the potential to sprout diseases. Also helps heal hot spots, burns, cuts, rashes, acne and much more. Do not store close to electronics. Comments from satisfied user below: " Must share the amazing experience I have had using Pure Paws colloidal Silver. One of my customers (I am a dog groomer) had tried everything to get rid of brown stains on her W.H.W feet she asked me if I could find something I tried this product and after 3 applications over about ten days the stains had gone. The same dog had a small outbreak red rash and black bits flaking off down his back, I applied the spray the next day the rash had almost gone, I put another application on two days latter skin was back to normal. I have had success with ears and other patches. If everything else has failed ask your vet and try this its fantastic"

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