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Osmonds Digestor

Osmonds Digestor

Osmonds Gut-Rite

Osmonds Gut-Rite

Osmonds Canine B-Sorb

Osmonds Canine B-Sorb - Vitamin B Complex Supplement
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Osmonds B-Sorb
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Osmonds Canine B-Sorb 500ml

Osmonds B-Sorb is a Vitamin B Complex Supplement - the great pick-me-up "liquid sunshine" product that helps maintain healthy and normal behaviour and eating patterns.  B-Sorb is sweet and palatable and should be given direct by mouth or in drinking water. B-Sorb contains emulsified B-Complex Vitamins (B6 & B12), Folic Acid, Iron and Sorbitol. Ideal for new-born puppies and kittens, great for improving appetitie.

Excellent tonic for those animals that are prone to reduced performance, or are elderly, shy/nervous with lacklustre appearance etc.

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