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Petcetera Forceps-Curved (Non-Locking)

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Petcetera Forceps-Curved (Non-Locking)

These forceps are designed for pet grooming and multi purpose uses. Suitable for professional and personal use. They are ideal for removing hair from ears & cleaning ears with a cotton swab.

They are made from the finest quality premium grade stainless steel.

To remove ear hair:

  • Apply a small amount of ear hair powder for a better grip on hair. Pull only small amounts of hair each time. Never large clumps.

To remove ticks:

  • Using the forceps, grasp the tick as close to the dog’s skin as posible. Slowly pull the tick away fron the dog’s body being sure not to twist the tick or to seperate its head from the body. It is important to remove the tick completely and the cement the tick may have secreted.
  • The forceps can be used to remove ticks from other animals as well.