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Untangler Supergroom II comb

Untangler Supergroom II comb

Untangler Pro Professional Pet Brush with Long Rotating Teeth - T906PRO

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Untangler Pro Brush all Breed Types

Long Handle PRO Brush with stainless-steel rotating teeth deep cleans skin and coats without pulling and pain.  Rotating teeth are much more gentle on pet skin.  Specifically designed to reduce the pulling force during grooming. Smooth round tips rub and massage the skin, keeping pets calm during grooming, and reducing stress.  Vet recommended.  Made in the USA

PRO Brush Features

  • Oval Head
  • 40 Rotating solid stainless-steel teeth with rounded smooth tips
  • 8.25″ Long Handle
  • Easy hold, ergonomic design

PRO Brush Benefits: 

  • Prevents Pain: Rotating stainless-steel tooth quickly and gently deep cleans dirt and debris.  Rotating teeth prevent pain and pulling.  Always brush down and out, away from the dog’s skin in the direction the coat grows.
  • Untangles Wet or Dry Pet Hair.  Teeth Rotate and wiggle, gently loosening tangled hair and mats.  If large mats are found, separate them with fingers or spray the mat and then use a wide-toothed comb to clear it. Continue brushing the entire coat.
  • Increases Circulation:  Untangler Pro has rotating teeth that are narrow spaced giving the skin a healthy rub and massage.  Smooth-tipped teeth increase natural oil production keeping skin and coats healthy.  Pets love the rubbing, massaging pin action.  Feels great.
  • Safe to disinfect:  solid stainless steel never tarnishes. Can be safely disinfected.
  • Made in USA!
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